Chris Tammany started in the pavement maintenance industry in 1989. He ran a small sealcoating and cracksealing business for four years. During this time, he established a relationship with the previous owner of Petra. In February 1993, Chris bought the company. At that time, Chris and three other crew members began to pave residential driveways. Chris was running the office from his home in Sandown, NH. Each year Chris continued to build Petra’s reputation. With every successful year, Petra acquired equipment and crew members. The office was relocated to Plaistow in 1999 which included a full time person to answer the now busy phones. In 2000, Petra separated the crew to create a pave and prep division. The prep crew runs one day ahead of the pave crew ensuring that jobs are ready for paving. This procedure really helps keep the scheduling of jobs on track. Also at this time, Petra dissolved the pavement maintenance division to concentrate on the growth of the paving division. The next big change came in 2004 when the company moved their office from Plaistow to Hampstead. The new company office has two full time office persons to accommodate the ever growing company needs and sufficient garage space for maintenance and storage. In 2005, Petra returned back to the pavement maintenance industry due to the overwhelming amount of requests from their already satisfied customers for sealcoating work. The newly formed sealcoating crew consists of two crew members who devote their day to sealcoating and cracksealing residential and commercial work. Currently, Petra has ten employees and the company runs all three crews every day, weather permitting, of course!

Our plans for the future?

Chris plans to stay on a steady course of growth by continuing to educate our customers on what a quality job entails. Chris feels in the long run this will make the industry as a whole stronger and more reputable. Based on these principles, Petra will continue to be a leader in the industry and not a follower.

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